Bug in "unpack all files including subdirs"

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Bug in "unpack all files including subdirs"

Unread post by Kirkor » 14 May 2014, 21:14

Hi, there is a bug in "unpack all files including subdirs"

If you have an image file in 7zip consisting of bin and cue:
- you have to have picked "skip already unpacked files". Now unpack this image file without turned on option "unpack all files including subdirs" - you will have only bin file unpacked in folder "#_AUTO_UNPACKED" which is all fine
- now turn on option "unpack all files including subdirs" - now program should unpack cue file that is also in this archive together with bin but it is not doing it - this is a problem
- when you turn off "skip already unpacked files" program then unpack all files correctly

What is to be done - program should unpack all files whenever this option is picked. And some bug makes it not possible.

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Re: Bug in "unpack all files including subdirs"

Unread post by Phoenix » 14 May 2014, 22:59

No, at point 2 the BIN file already exists in "#_AUTO_UNPACKED", and ECC skips already unpacked files, wherether if you have any files in the archive or not, that does not matter at this point.

1) You must purge the "#_AUTO_UNPACKED" folder first (or enable option after ecc closes) to remove all files
2) Or turn off "skip already unpacked files"...

Then....the main BIN IMAGE does not exist and ecc will unpack every file...
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