scummvm, different files same CRC

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scummvm, different files same CRC

Unread post by ZeusTheGoD » 31 Jan 2013, 06:19

hi guys,

while parsing some scummvm zipped games it happened what's written in the subject.

i noticed that not after the parsing but when i started to insert the IDs into the metadata form...


and not just for those 2, but like 4 different games have that same CRC

if it can help those zip are considered "big" from ecc, until now nothing happened with "small" files


any suggestions?


Ok, looks like i solved by deleting svm.dat from .\emuControlCenter\ecc-system\datfile

anyway still no explenation, plus still i'm able to select "show audit info" and it gives some wierd result... but as long as i don't "repair" the file name it's all good :sweatdrop:

hopefully can be of some use for someone else :)

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Re: scummvm, different files same CRC

Unread post by Phoenix » 31 Jan 2013, 19:22

HI ZeusTheGoD,

I will have a look at this if i can recreate the same bug, in the meantime....would you be so kind to upload these 2 games to a filehoster?, so i can take a look?
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