info from romdb not downloading properly

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info from romdb not downloading properly

Unread post by da1koopa » 17 Mar 2010, 20:24

I'm having trouble downloading info from the romdb. Just added a load of DS roms (138 in total) and it didn't find any info for any of them. I had a quick look at the database and there is plenty of info there on DS roms, so i found one that had complete info (pokemon diamond), clicked the rom in ecc and then clicked import datfile. After it had finished there was still no information on the rom. I renamed the rom to just Pokemon Diamond (same as it's listed in the romdb), tried again, but still nothing. Re-parsed my rom folder just in case that would help but no, still nothing. Can you tell me if this is a known issue or where I'm going wrong? I'd really like to advoid putting in all the data manually if it's already there to be downloaded!!


Just remembered, all the roms have been trimmed, not sure if this would affect anything? Also the checksum for the pokemon diamond rom is different to the 3 listed in the gameDB - again dont know if that would affect it

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Re: info from romdb not downloading properly

Unread post by Phoenix » 18 Mar 2010, 09:19

Hi da1koopa,

ECC works with CRC32 codes, not names ;), and if the roms are "trimmed" they have another CRC32 code than the original, or other roms, that's why the info is not applied on your rom :yes_head:
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