0.7.4 - The World Champion Edition

I want to show you what I'm doing some evenings in my spare time.
At first I want to say that this is ONLY A PRIVATE HOBBY PROJECT, I don't want to "kill" eCC, But eventually wake up Andreas a bit ;-)

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0.7.4 - The World Champion Edition

Unread post by DerMicha75 » 15 Jul 2014, 23:01

For celebration Germanys world championship I decided to publish this version now. I had not really much time last months, so this is not really tested. And not all of my (and your) wishes are included. Sorry for this. Whats new:

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Version 0.7.4 (2014-07-15)


- select dialog for base data (developer, programmer etc.) shows correct design
- video deletion may now work more often


- Base data management
  - you can delete multiple entries at once
- parsing games: option for removing leading characters (useful for numbered sets)
- Metadata for games updated 
  - Games can be marked as "finished"
  - its possible to enter the progress of completion in percent
- Games List (Detail-, List-, and Image view) 
  - show colors for finished games (default: green) and games in progress (default: yellow)
  - global option for turning feature on or off
  - global option for defining the colors
  - popup menu option for deleting rom (in addition to only hide it)  
- Support for Redump and Trurip sets (name in metadata, rom directory, parsing, ...)


- nothing this time
So please please MAKE A BACKUP!!!!

And here are the links:

Update: http://ul.to/2ybynvyo
Full package: http://ul.to/81niqhlg

Have fun!


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Re: 0.7.4 - The World Champion Edition

Unread post by Vicman » 17 Jul 2014, 20:34

Thanks Micha ! I love "World Champion Editions" .....especially this year :shiny:
I hope we will get also a "X-Mas 2014 Edition" with many new features ;)
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