Feature Request - XPadder

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Feature Request - XPadder

Unread post by Vicman » 05 Jun 2014, 20:09

Hi Micha,
many Homecomputer Games are keyboard-controlled.

In GameBase we have the feature to start automaticly the game & xpadder with the right xpadder-profile.

Would be nice if you can add a similar feature in ECC2.
I guess it could be possible, 'cause you already have this "key_value" in ecc2.....

In GameBase GEMUS-Script it looks like this : (You can use xpadder or Joy2key)

Kill_Process(xpadder.exe) : xpadder will be closed, when you start another game with Gamebase
If Key_usejoystick CONTAINS(*)
If Key_usejoystick CONTAINS(yes||1||on||true)
If Control = Xpadder
ElseIf Control = Joy2Key
End If

Example Key=Value pair for the game "Brick it" :

The Xpadder-Profile is stored in Folder : XPadder/Profile/VIC20-Brick It.xpadderprofile
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