Request : option - related game

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At first I want to say that this is ONLY A PRIVATE HOBBY PROJECT, I don't want to "kill" eCC, But eventually wake up Andreas a bit ;-)

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Request : option - related game

Unread post by Vicman » 02 Dec 2013, 22:20

Hi Micha,

well i guess, you are allready very busy with your "To Do" List of eCC2 developement.....
but here are some more ideas / requests :

1.) It would be nice to have the function "related game" in eCC2 (off course also in eCC1...).
Just as in FE Gamebase.
Should "work" like your "clone information" with the possibility to filter related games....
'cause many games were published by diff. Softwarehouses. Also "type-in-games" were offered by diff. magazines...

2.) And the option (like in FE Gamebase) goto precursor and goto Sequel would also be nice.

3.) For Metadatas : It would be very helpfull, if i could add metainfos for all games in the actually view.
(meaning: i filter my roms with the searchfunkton on the headline, and can then add metainfos, personal infos, trivia or whatever to all games that are now listed)
add metainfo on searchfunktion.jpg
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