Bug : video-delete option

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Bug : video-delete option

Unread post by Vicman » 01 Dec 2013, 13:12

Hi Micha,

deleting a video snap don't work. (image-edit-menue)
File is still there....

also a short Feature request :
is it possible to add the "Coveranimation" to the image-edit-menue ? - so, i can add/copy/delete the Coveranimations within ecc2.
Video-delete don't work. Coveranimaton is missing in menue.
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Re: Bug : video-delete option

Unread post by DerMicha75 » 25 Mar 2014, 20:36

Problem with deleting: Java has a problem when the file is in use (or was in use in this session). I tried a little to improve this, but this does not work 100%. So: Hopefully improved in 0.8.

Possible Solution: Define a view where the video isnt't visible and then delete. And do not watch it before. And hope that my addition work more times.

Coveranimation is not possible, since this is only a "hack" and there are many images in a folder. So sorry, no idea how to do this.


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