Version 0.7.3 is out

I want to show you what I'm doing some evenings in my spare time.
At first I want to say that this is ONLY A PRIVATE HOBBY PROJECT, I don't want to "kill" eCC, But eventually wake up Andreas a bit ;-)

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Version 0.7.3 is out

Unread post by DerMicha75 » 27 May 2013, 20:56


Before I go to holiday I will present you the next version. This time there are a lot of changes!

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- video at wrong position in standard view after changing interface
- unpacking files with subdirs now works (hopefully)
- EmuMovies download now possible for Acorn Electron, SNK NeoGeo and PS1 (fixed internal mapping)


- new "name based" platform mode, you can use packed files without using datfiles (now this is used used for ScummVM)
  - CRC32 is calculated from filename of packed file
  - the only romfile extension in config should be zip, 7z or rar (depends on your packer)
- EmuMovies Import-Dialog shows date of last download
- CDImage function is available in scripts (Daemon Tools support)
- new commandline option %PACKED%, it returns the packed filename, useful if an emulator can handle packed roms
- multi emulator support
  - manage 3 emulators per platform
  - system chooses emulator configuration based on extensions
  - in script you can access all 3 configurations (for selecting emulator in script of main configuration)
- default config for commandline is now "%ROM%" instead of %ROM%
- 2 new image types
  - Ingame - Game Over: Game Over screen 
  - Ingame - Options: options / configuration screen
  - modified EmuMovies import ("Game Over" now imports to "Game Over", "Select" now Imports to "Options")
  - if you want to use it in 4/6 images view please add to your options:
    - extend line starting with gameimages4_types: |ingame_game_over|ingame_options
    - extend line starting with gameimages6_types: |ingame_game_over|ingame_options
- searching unneeded images/videos now also searches for extras
- new option to hide roms based on dump status or file name
  - you can simply hide all bad/alternate/overdumped... roms 
  - you can hide roms with specific filename content, like "demo" or "Japan"


- unpacking 7z is now done with 7z.exe because it's much faster than internal extract routine    
- added model3 datfile
And here are the links:

Full version
Update version

Feedback is welcome.


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Re: Version 0.7.3 is out

Unread post by Phoenix » 28 May 2013, 01:54

Wow, nice work!, i see you have some time left... :lmfao:

Keep it up! :thumb:
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Re: Version 0.7.3 is out

Unread post by Vicman » 30 May 2013, 20:06

really nice !
but i still can't test the new ecc2 versions with my vic20-roms... -> working script is missing :? (can't figure out a working key/value-option like in GameBase)
hope you will find the time to write it....
but for now : enjoy your holiday ;)

"Info-About-Window" says : Version 0.7.1
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