ISSUE #02 - Configuring DOSBox in ECC

This is a forum section for ideas howto implement and running DOS games in ECC (using DOSBox), this forum wil be temporally here until the problem is solved.
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ISSUE #02 - Configuring DOSBox in ECC

Unread post by Phoenix » 17 Dec 2009, 19:23

Hi All,

the best way to configure DOSBox in ECC will be:

1. Put DOSBox in 'ecc-user\dosbox\emus\dosbox.exe', and select this with ECC.
2. We will use a script to help ECC start dosbox properly, bacause the games need more attention to configure than ECC can handle atm ;)
3. do NOT use the auto-unzip function!!, why?, because ECC unzips all files into one folder, this is okay with imagefiles from consoles, but for dosgames its killing other files from other games wich have often the same name.

right config screen:
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