Multi-Disk Query

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Multi-Disk Query

Unread post by chrisxr » 19 Jan 2014, 16:16


Apologies if this is covered in another post, but I couldn't seem to find it anywhere. I am struggling to import my Amiga disk images into EmuControlCenter due to having multiple disks per game.

How can I make EmuControlCenter only import the first disk of a game (or at least recognise that additional disks are part of the same game)? I wondered if the naming convention of the files could help? I might be missing something really obvious...?

I've used the ECCdat file located in the download section, but this doesn't cover the No-Intro collection.

~ Chris.

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Re: Multi-Disk Query

Unread post by Phoenix » 20 Jan 2014, 18:50

Hi Chris,

This button should cover your question ;-)
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Re: Multi-Disk Query

Unread post by chrisxr » 20 Jan 2014, 21:39

Thanks for the reply.

I've been having a play with that button. But when I am importing disks, it isn't recognising them as disk 1,2,3, despite being named as such.

Will it only recognise multiple disks if the ecc dat file has the game included in the data. Is there any way I can force the metadata of a rom to take the disk number from the filename?

~ Chris

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