Daemon Tools Won't Mount .img or .bin files in ECC

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Daemon Tools Won't Mount .img or .bin files in ECC

Unread post by ToJPhantom » 01 Mar 2010, 07:14

Okay, I tried starting a .bin file through ECC by clicking on the ROM I had added under espxe. I got a pop up saying "That the current extension ".bin" is no supported by Daemon tools." But when I go into Daemon tools I can mount it no problem. The same exact thing happens when I try a .img file.

And I had another question. ePSXE mounts .bin and .img just fine on its own, why is it even necessary to use Daemon tools when it can do it by itself.


Never mind, I figured it out. I just disabled the script and now it starts right up with ePSXE... :clap:
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Re: Daemon Tools Won't Mount .img or .bin files in ECC

Unread post by Phoenix » 01 Mar 2010, 22:07

Hi ToJPhantom,

Welcome to our forum!

You can mount BIN file's when you select the option 'use .cue file' in the emulator settings menu so that daemon tools will use the CUE file, and yes...some emulators can load a ISO/BIN file directly ;)
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