error code 4

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error code 4

Unread post by vduke300 » 13 Nov 2009, 06:50

I am new and have been trying to import from the RomDB. i get this "Error 4! ". is there anything i can do to fix this?
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Re: error code 4

Unread post by Blackerking » 13 Nov 2009, 09:20

Could you please upload a screen of the errormessage?
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Re: error code 4

Unread post by Zandro » 15 Nov 2009, 09:38

Hi, same issue. Here's a video of what causes it for me.

Just curious, what does it mean? I can take any technical jargon. :nuts:

*Edit: It works now! :yes: Looks like the server just wasn't available.

Now I must add some metadata... Thanks!

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Re: error code 4

Unread post by Phoenix » 15 Nov 2009, 12:37

Hi Zandro,

Error 4 means that ECC cannot download the online DAT file, there is a CRON job running every hour, but sometimes when i am busy with the server it may skip 1 update of the file maybe..... :-k
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