What I got recently...what to play 1st???

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What I got recently...what to play 1st???

Unread post by mas5acre » 14 Feb 2009, 00:10

I just got Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Cross Generation of Heroes for my Wii (works best if u hack your wii). I'm kinda a retro gamer too. I bought some saturn games off ebay, I paid ALOT!! I got Dragon Force, not really not a strategy gamer but I loved Working Designs translation of games like the two lunar games and their attention to detail. They even make their games more "styled" with flashy chrome graphic artwork on the boxart. How I miss them. I got Panzer Dragoon Saga, sadly I've never played it, then again, almost no one has. I picked up Guardian heroes Advance for $5 to play on my gameboy micro, which i like better than my DS. I liked it enough I got the Saturn verion of Guardian Heroes. I also picked up Rogue Trip vacation 2012 for $5. I used to have it. For those who've never played it, its made by Singletrac right after Twisted Metal 2, and is alot like it. Twisted Metal 3 & 4 were made by Sony if I remember correctly and sucked. Rogue Trip is more like Twisted Metal than Twisted Metal 3 & 4 were. I picked up Wild 9 for $5 as well, don't know why I missed it, I just did. Rogue trip and Wild 9 used to be in my collection. What to play? To top it off Street Fighter IV special edition is preordered and already paid for. See why I like emucontrolcenter, don't have to pull out old consoles to play great (old) games.

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