Up-to-date ECC DAT Files?

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Up-to-date ECC DAT Files?

Unread post by Shando » 25 Sep 2016, 04:04

Hi All,

Just wondering if anyone had more up-to-date ECC DAT files than those in the download section?

I've seen a few posts where users have uploaded them to the forum, but most of the links are dead and PutLocker sends my laptop into meltdown :cry:

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I now have 95000+ ROMS and need to start populating the info (automatically if possible).

Thanks in advance.


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Re: Up-to-date ECC DAT Files?

Unread post by Phoenix » 25 Sep 2016, 07:40

Well with the new description, visual, etc update i am trying to redo some of the DATS, but i haven't found time yet...

Maybe i will implement an "auto category" for ECC with data collected from MobyGames (feature update somewhere...)

First i want to see if i can make a beta of EDC this year, where you can download Emulators in ECC without searching for them, like a repository, some ideas are on GitHub, you might want to take a look, but i need people to collect all emulators and versions possible! :lmfao:
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