More testing + ideas

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More testing + ideas

Unread post by PerlMan » 22 Feb 2010, 12:41

Hi all!

I've done some testing and the following issues could be improved.

Genre separation:
Instead of having millions of genres. Why not separate genres into 2 fields: Category / Genre
This way people who aren't sure of a specific genre could atleast point to the right direction.
so if I know that "hmm... ok, this is somekind of sport", but i'm not sure what it is I wouldn't make the mistake of tagging improperly.
In addition the menus would be less cluttered.
Sport / Golf
Sport / Football
Strategy / Turn based
Strategy / RTS

Sorting the rom list:
Currently the list sort sorts only the current page. It should sort everything from the selected platform.
C64 has meny roms. I'd like to sort them by date and see the progress of graphics =D
+Also I'd like to have some custom fields in the columns. I miss the rating & playcount fields.

Option to hide roms based on filename:
Many sets have [.b] for baddumps, [h] for hacks, etc.
As many of the DATs don't have the dumptype set. It would be nice to have the option to hide these based on the filename.
OR even better, have ecc automatically set the tags by these!

[PD], [h], etc in imagepacks:
Since these exists. should imagepaks also have images for these? It could be minimal with watermarked [H] to show the dumptype. Also applies for [a]'s,[.b]'s,etc.
my imagepacks don't have any images for PD roms either (I could make some).

Help tab at the systems tab:
Why is it there? I find it slightly akward. Should't it be at the top somewhere and not cluttering the systems tabs?
A graph would be better. Showing year the system was active including other systems at the time (+ fading and emerging systems).

my db has about 100k entrys. No affection on the speed of ecc (unless i enable logging. Then there's extra wait.)

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Re: More testing + ideas

Unread post by Phoenix » 25 Apr 2010, 11:43

Hi PerlMan,

Sorry for the late reply, you have some nice things mentioned to improve, we do our best!

Genre separation:
Already this way ;)

Sorting the rom list
True, sorting roms has to be improved

Option to hide roms based on filename
Also a sorting thingy...., and yes, maybe we can let ecc scan the filename first and then applying the flag automaticly

[PD], [h], etc in imagepacks:
Well no, just use the same image (i assume you already did), the images are not watermarked though, and i think they'll never will be ;)

Help tab at the systems tab:
You have a point there, maybe we can adjust this sometime.
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