ECC Image Pack for Atari Jaguar Carts By VDuke300

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ECC Image Pack for Atari Jaguar Carts By VDuke300

Unread post by vduke300 » 24 Nov 2009, 23:37

This is an update of the existing Imagepack.
Contains old imagepack plus all this new stuff.

Added New Images for the Following Games:

Aircars (CRC32 = CBFD822A)
Flip Out (CRC32 = FAE31DD0)
Hyper Force (CRC32 = F0360DB3)
Iron Solder 2: Limited Ed. (CRC32 = D6C19E34)
Protector: Special Ed. (CRC32 = A56D0798)
Skyhammer (CRC32 = 3C044941)
Soccer Kid (CRC32 = 42A13EC5)
Space War 2000 (CRC32 = 53DF6440)
Total Carnage (CRC32 = C654681B)
Towers II (CRC32 = CAF33BD6)
Worms (CRC32 = 6EB774EB)
Zero5 (CRC32 = 61C7EEC0)

Added Back Cover Images for all Games.

Added 1 Loading Screen Image For:

1. Skyhammer

Added 2 Missing Cart Images For:

1. Brutal Sports Football
2. Supercross 3D

Added Overlay Images for the Following Games: (Placed in Inlay 1)

1. Cybermorph
2. Doom - Evil Unleashed
3. Hover Strike
4. Iron Soldier
5. Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy
6. Wolfenstein 3D

Here is the Link to the Imagepack: (37981 KB) ...

Only Missing Battle Sphere Gold Images.

All My Jaguar Cart Roms are "No Intro" Certified.
Image Packs in the Works
1. Atari 2600 (In Progress)
2. 3DO
3. Atari Jaguar Carts (Almost Complete)
4. Sega Dreamcast
5. Atari Jaguar CD

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Re: ECC Image Pack for Atari Jaguar Carts By VDuke300

Unread post by Phoenix » 25 Nov 2009, 00:46

Very nice work vduke300!! :thumb: , thank you!
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