UPDATE 00609 - Autoit3 v3.3.12.0

In here are new fixes/patches/updates/addons for ECC announced!, wich you can download with eccUpdate.
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UPDATE 00609 - Autoit3 v3.3.12.0

Unread post by Phoenix » 24 Jun 2014, 15:22

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- Autoit v3.3.12.0
------------------------------------------------------------------------------- (1st June, 2014) (Release)


Changed: PCRE regular expression engine updated to 8.34. 
Added #2557: Send() special control strings will no longer treat 0 repetitions as 1. No keys will be sent. 
Added #2489: HttpSetUserAgent() now returns the previous user agent string. 
Added #2481: FileSelectFolder() will use the Windows Vista style if available. 
Fixed #2562: StringRegExp() & Null character. 
Fixed #2581: Dec() wasn't working correctly for flags 0, 1, 2. 
Fixed #2568: StringStripWS() and StringIsSpace() now treats null as a whitespace character. 
Fixed #2566: "override" cursor in GUISetCursor() fails inside client area. 
Fixed #2573: "override" cursor in GUISetCursor() fails outside of client area. 
Fixed #2478: Assign() and Eval() do not restrict variable names. 
Fixed #2316: PowerPoint COM event handler initialization error. 
Fixed #2512: ObjName() crash. 
Fixed #2613: AutoIt crashes whenever an array value returned from a WMI query is null. 
Fixed #2309: Bad conversion of VT_BSTR|VT_BYREF COM variants when the referenced string is null. 
Fixed #2648: FileSaveDialog() not adding extension when user types manually. 
Fixed #2717: Appendix constants page precision about Inet Constants. 

Removed: Usage of Call() in _FTP_ProgressDownload(), _FTP_ProgressUpload() and _SQLite_Startup(). See documentation for changes to $hFunctionCall and $hPrintCallback parameters. THIS IS A SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE. 
Removed: http://api.exip.org/?call=ip from _GetIP() as the site was taken offline. 
Removed: _WinAPI_GetUDFVersion() as all UDFs share the same version number as the AutoIt version they are shipped with. 
Changed: Constant variables are now used in the UDFs rather than their value. 
Changed: Re-wrote _FileWriteToLine() to use FileReadToArray(). 
Changed: Re-wrote _DateDayOfWeek() which can now return the days of the week of the user's locale. 
Changed: _FileReadToArray() now returns a 1D/2D array depending on parameters used. 
Changed: Re-wrote _DateToMonth() which can now return the months of the user's locale. 
Changed: Re-wrote Array UDF to add 2D support and add some functions. THIS IS A SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE. 
Changed: Excel UDF was re-written. Functions and/or parameters have been renamed, removed or added. THIS IS A SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE. 
Changed: _SQLite -> 
Added: Error checking to _ArrayDelete() when $iElement was out of bounds. 
Added: Example for _WinAPI_SystemParametersInfo(). 
Added: A timer of 5 minutes to _GetIP() between each public IP retrieval. This is to reduce overloading the IP discovery sites. 
Added: $STR_REGEXP* contants in StringConstants.au3 for StringRegExp(). 
Added: _SQLite_SQLiteExe() download sqlite3.exe when needed. 
Added: http://bot.whatismyipaddress.com as an IP disovery site to _GetIP(). 
Added: _Array1DToHistogram(). 
Added #2726: Group ID to return array for _GUICtrlListView_GetGroupInfoByIndex(). 
Fixed: _FileListToArrayRec() array concatenation bug. 
Fixed #2550: _GUICtrlComboBox_GetEditText() struct sizing. 
Fixed: _INetSmtpMail() SmtpServer IPaddr checking. 
Fixed #2618: _StringBetween() behaviour when $sStart and $sEnd are identical. 
Fixed #2660: Button on GUI example. 
Fixed: _IECreate() disable use of Windows Key. 
Fixed #2689: When $bCursor in _ScreenCapture_Capture() was set to True and the PC was locked. 
Fixed #2693: _GUICtrlListView_GetItemTextArray() return value doc. 
Fixed #2697: missing $GW_ENABLEDPOPUP constant. 
Fixed #2700: _GUICtrlRichEdit_SetCharBkColor() not at insertpoint. 
Fixed #2706: $tagWINDOWINFO bad struct. 
Fixed: _GUICtrlListView_GetView() and _GUICtrlListView_SetView() were using 0 for detailed view and 1 for large icon view, when it's the opposite way around. THIS IS A SCRIPT BREAKING CHANGE. 
Fixed: Incorrect default style for _GUICtrlMenu_CreateMenu() and _GUICtrlMenu_CreatePopup() and changed documentation to use constant values. 

Fixed #2612: Function reference ByRef. 
Fixed: Undetected errors. 

Changed: Version number to 
Added: Windows activation when already open. 

Changed: Help file syntax variable names to a standard naming convention for easier understanding and consitency in the calltip syntax files. 
Added: Keywords and Macros to the Notepad++ autoit.xml file. 
Fixed #2677: AutoIt.chm Installdir.htm reference. 
Fixed #2676: AutoIt.chm Installdir.htm \Sqlite reference. 
Fixed #2725: AutoIt3.chm printing example. 
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