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UPDATE 00577 - 7-Zip v9.30

Posted: 03 Nov 2013, 20:00
by Phoenix
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- 7-Zip v9.30

9.30 alpha     2012-10-26
- The BUG in 7-Zip 9.26 alpha - 9.29 alpha versions was fixed.
  These alpha versions could not open non-solid 7z archive, if 
  some files were skipped during creation of that archive.
  That problem is also related to 7z archives created in solid mode,
  if each solid block contains no more than one file.
  Note: 7-Zip skips files that were open for writing by another 
  application and shows warning in that case.

9.29 alpha     2012-09-07
- LZMA2 now is default compression method for .7z format.
- 7-Zip now can update WIM archives.
- 7-Zip File Manager now can move files to archives.
- The default encoding for TAR format now is UTF-8. You can use -mcp=1 switch for OEM encoding.
- Command line version:
    - new "rn" command to rename files in archive.
    - new -sdel switch to delete files after including to archive.
    - new -sns switch to store NTFS alternate streams (for WIM format only). 
    - new -sni switch to store NT security information for files (for WIM format only).
    - new -stl switch to set archive timestamp from the most recently modified file.
- Speed optimizations for opening big archives and big disk folders.
- DMG support was improved
- Some bugs were fixed.
- New localization: Aragonese.