UPDATE 00472 - Autoit3 v3.3.8.0

In here are new fixes/patches/updates/addons for ECC announced!, wich you can download with eccUpdate.
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UPDATE 00472 - Autoit3 v3.3.8.0

Unread post by Phoenix » 31 Dec 2011, 15:43

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- Autoit3 v3.3.8.0

23rd December, 2011 - v3.3.8.0


Added: Struct/EndStruct in DllStructCreate() to solve X86/X64 data alignment. 
Added: COM support for pure "OUT" parameters. 
Added: Additional flags added to ObjName(). 
Added: DllCallAddress(). 
Added: ObjCreateInterface(). 
Added #1947: CHM help files now have a Forward button. 
Added #1813: Better cross referencing for Int() and Mod(). 
Added: "struct" as DllCall and InterfaceDispatch data type. 
Added #2042: @OSVersion returns "Win_8" on Windows 8. 
Changed: Compiling with VC10. Added workarounds for Win2000/XP RTM to allow execution of AutoIt, Aut2Exe, Au3Info, Au3Check and AutoItHelp. 
Changed: COM Error handler passes error object as first parameter to user defined error function. 
Changed: COM Error handler properties are read-only. 
Changed: Dec() and Hex() work with 64bit integers. 
Changed: Parentheses are required when invoking objects after all method names in order to have correct internal handling. 
Changed: Dec(), Int(), Number() have second optional parameter defining non-default behavior. 
Changed: Hex() detects doubles internally and processes them respecting binary format. 
Changed: New visual style for the documetnation. 
Changed: 64bit integers have 16 characters display by default. 
Removed: COM Error object no longer exposes methods Raise() and Clear(). 
Removed: Int() and Hex() no longer set @error. 
Fixed #1040: _ScreenCapture_Capture(): GDI object leak with cursor capture. 
Fixed #1599: TraySetItemText() regression for default menu item. 
Fixed #1282: WinMove before GUICtrlSetPos during GUICreation. 
Fixed #1397: Bad HotKeySet() not detected on keyboard as Russian one. 
Fixed #1531: default txtcolor for iput edit list combo updown with black theme. 
Fixed #1617: GuiCreate failure after GuiDelete can lead to a loop on Autoit exit. 
Fixed #1596: GUICtrlSetPos() default = no change. 
Fixed #1626: TCPRecv()/TCPSend() doc about Unicode transmission. 
Fixed #1633: Second AdlibRegister function starts at once when first function is too slow. 
Fixed #1653: Doc for WM_KEYLAST Windows 2000 message. 
Fixed #1669: StringRegExpReplace() doc about doubling of "\" in replace string. 
Fixed #1673: WinGetProcess() doc example. 
Fixed #1677: Invalid ContinueLoop with multiple levels. 
Fixed #1684: FileRead() binary read memory allocation error. 
Fixed #1685: BitRotate() shift parameter. 
Fixed #1734: GUICtrlCreateAVI() crash with negative subfield. 
Fixed #1923: Memory consumption while FileOpen/FileClose. 
Fixed #1883: IsHWnd(), Return Value. (Nitpick: Value = Bool). 
Fixed #1860: DriveStatus Returns Ready with blank value. 
Fixed #1854: StringIsFloat returns 1 on non float numbers. 
Fixed #1910: Please change $TTN_GETDISPINFO to $TTN_GETDISPINFOW. 
Fixed #1844: SplashTextOn crops variable when used with opt 32 and @CRLF / @LF. 
Fixed #1932: Uninstaller, windows-register, App Paths. (+beta). 
Fixed #1929: SetMenuColor() does not work on 64bit OS. 
Fixed #1479: X64 ListView WM_NOTIFY Message. 
Fixed: GUICtrlCreateLabel() related text sizing bug when no height was used. 
Fixed #1586: DllStructSetData(char, 1, string-with-NUL-character), junk data(?) 
Fixed #1908: ObjName() returns empty string for HTMLDocument with IE9. 
Fixed #1658: COM / OLE object access causes error code 80020003 - member not found. 
Fixed #1410: Using Pointer type with COM-object throws error. 
Fixed #1565: Arrays as object properties; memory leak. 
Fixed: ObjCreate() memory leak when using a remote computer. 
Fixed #865: winhttp.winhttprequest.5.1 ObjEvent unhandled exception. 
Fixed: Remote COM bug caused by incorrect CoCreateInstanceEx() parameter. 
Fixed: Potential memory leak in COM error event code. 
Fixed #1660: Crash on Mod() with a divisor of 0. 
Fixed: COM methods no longer change the type of AutoIt variables. 
Fixed #2001: Example for _GUICtrlToolbar_SetButtonText() did not work correctly. 
Fixed #1994: Documentation for _ScreenCapture_Capture() and _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd() incorrectly stated the functions had no return value. Moved information from Remarks up to Return area. 
Fixed #1948: Documentation for _GUICtrlButton_SetImage() had the wrong description. 
Fixed #1519, #1694: Int() and Number() returning wrong. 
Fixed: Various documentation typos and grammatical errors. 
Fixed #1982: Crash in FileGetShortName() and FileGetLongName(). 
Fixed #2046: DirGetSize("") was returning the size of the working directory root instead of -1 and setting @error. 


Added: _DebugSetup() can report to a Notepad Window. 
Added #1371: Allow Default keyword in _TempFile(). 
Added #1527: Test example to have doc example working. 
Added #1636: _Security__LookupAccountSID() for Remote Systems. 
Added #1569: _ArraySearch() $iPartial (->$iCompare) extended to match on variables of same type. 
Added #1557: VK_xBUTTON in Constants.au3. 
Added #1890: Better cross-referencing for _WinAPI_GetParent() and _WinAPI_GetAncestor(). 
Added #1925: $WS_EX_LAYOUTRTL control style to the documentation. 
Added #2049: Missing windows message codes to WindowsConstants.au3. 
Added: _WinAPI_StringLenA() and _WinAPI_StringLenW() functions. 
Added: _WinAPI_DuplicateHandle() function. 
Added: _Security__CreateProcessWithToken(), _Security__DuplicateTokenEx and _Security__SetTokenInformation functions. 
Fixed #1542: _DebugSetup() closing when use with GUI handling events. 
Fixed #1549: _SQLite_Escape() crash for strings > 64K (> 
Fixed #1517: _GUICtrlListView_simpleSort with checkbox. 
Fixed #1588: AUtoIt3.exe stay active for all processes using the Window report. 
Fixed #1615: _GUICtrlTreeView_SetStateImageIndex() with index = 0. 
Fixed #1620: _DebugOut() or _DebugReportVar() containing '. 
Fixed #1513: Allow _GUI...() to use notification callback (LPSTR_TEXTCALLBACK). 
Fixed #1608: _Crypt_EncryptFile() for file >1Mb. 
Fixed #1644: _InetMail() with Windows Live mail. 
Fixed #1453: _Net_Share_ShareCheck return always 0. 
Fixed #1664: _GUICtrlTab_GetItem() does not return text. 
Fixed #1671: _WinAPI_WideCharToMultiByte() doc. 
Fixed #1672: _WinAPI_GetObject() reference ANSI version. 
Fixed #1665: _ScreenCapture_CaptureWnd() when running with Aero theme. 
Fixed #1689: _Debug...() cannot be obfuscated. 
Fixed #1712: _FileWriteFromArray() crash on array. 
Fixed #1754: _PathFull() optional parameter doc. 
Fixed #1756: _GDIPlus_Startup() Flaw on error. 
Fixed #1920: Script crashes with error reported in Security.au3 at line 85. 
Fixed #1895: Bugs in _GUIScrollBars_Init(). 
Fixed #1891: _ArrayDisplay (......,i$iTranspose,...) wrong description. 
Fixed #1933: _GetIP is outdated and could possibly fail. 
Fixed #1859: Bug in _WeekNumberISO? 
Fixed #2009: Incorrect styles listed in _GUICtrlToolbar_Create(). 
Fixed #1009: SQLite library needs to support a user-defined callback for diagnostic messages instead of hard-coding ConsoleWrite(). 
Fixed #1985: _IECreate() now ensures focus is given to the document when an about URI is loaded (such as about:blank). IE9 gives focus to the URL bar which can cause later issues setting focus to elements. 
Fixed #2004: Functions that accept Control ID/Handle were not correctly documented. 
Fixed #1951: Missing parameter in documentation for _SQLite_SQLiteExe(). 
Fixed #1442: File handle can now be passed to _FileWriteLog(). 
Fixed #1777: Issues with Security.au3. 
Fixed #2055: replaced DllStructGetPtr with "struct*" throughout UDFs. 
Fixed #2048: Windows constants $WM_RBUTTONDBLCLK and $WM_MBUTTONDBLCLK were named incorrectly. 
Fixed #2034: _GUICtrlMenu_AppendMenu dllcall type set wrong. 
Fixed #2060: Various documentation errors. 
Changed: _SQLite 3.6.22 -> 
Changed: _IEFormElementSetValue() examples #3 removed (login to Hotmail). 
Changed: _IEFormElementSetValue() examples #4 and #5 (now #3 and #4) use the text input instead of the file input. The file input is read-only on IE9 so the Send()/ControlSend() produced no results. 
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