ScummVM - different zip but same CRC

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ScummVM - different zip but same CRC

Unread post by howardphilips » 22 Sep 2016, 08:22

Hi there, it's been a long time.
I have downloaded the latest version of ECC to see the progress that had been made and it looks quite promising.

I managed to add most of the roms OK but I came by a strange issue with the ScummVM platform.
Most of the games which have a small size (between 6 Mb to 75 Mb) in this platform show the same CRC32 number: 0689336F.

Because of this, when I change the metadata of one zip file with this CRC, it changes as well the metadata of the other zip files with the same CRC. If I change one zip metadata to Loom for instance, it will affect Day of the Tentacle as well and when I click on the Day of the Tentacle file, it will launch Loom.

Strangely, it does not seem to affect zip files with a bigger size (>200Mb) such as Full Throttle, for instance.
Did you see this problem previously? Are you able to solve this?

Thanks again for the great software!
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Re: ScummVM - different zip but same CRC

Unread post by Phoenix » 23 Sep 2016, 20:51

Hi howardphilips

Hmm that is wierd, i have to look into this... :detective:
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