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Unread post by Alceste » 22 May 2010, 20:47

Hey I'm sure this has already been asked, but I can't find it. I am wondering how to tell emucontroll to automatically download images for all of my roms, since clicking on every rom of mine to execute that order is quite annoying.
My second problem is how do get all those metadata from when I click web RomDB controllcenter is downloading something, but the roms are still lacking the data.. ???

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Re: Images

Unread post by DerMicha75 » 23 May 2010, 12:30

Hi Alceste,

for images go to the ICC (image control center) here:
You can download the packs you need and then extract them to the images folder.

Your second problem sounds like you have roms where no data is in romDB. Maybe other versions, maybe older dumps, ...
If you DL from romdb at the end you will asked to close detail area. Say no and you can see all downloaded meta data and a 0 if you don't have it and a 1 if you own the rom. So you can check how much was downloaded and how much hits you have.


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