ECC v1.22 has been released!

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ECC v1.22 has been released!

Unread post by Phoenix » 24 Dec 2016, 20:28


ECC v1.22 (2016-12-23)
- ECC Core
- ECC License now GPLv3
- Fixed some missing icons in the Platform and Rom sub menu system.
- Fixed an "freeze" issue with datfile importing if the path did not exist.
- Fixed issue where you could not import v1.1 or older ECC DAT files properly.
- Fixed an issue where calling the ABOUT screen made ECC close.
- Fixed startup of some GUI's to CENTER screen.
- Fixed some language lines in 'i18n_meta.php' files to be translated.
- Fixed some issues & link in the offline helpfiles.
- Updated PHP-GTK Glade3 GUI from v3.4.3 to v3.6.1.
- Reworked all GLADE GUI's due to update, some icons have been changed/added.
- Rearranged TOP menu icons.
- Added new theme icons to the TOP menu, no more stock PHP-GTK icons.
- Added proper deactivation on menu items when ALL PLATFORMS has beem selected.
- Cleaned up code in GUI and php code for ROMdb.
- Removed Xpadder and Xpadder options, the freeware v5.3 crashes on Windows 8/10.
- New Option to select a external Joystick emulator yourself now.
- Shipping WorldOfJoysticks v1.57 standard edition ( with ECC.
- Updated ES language to ECC v1.21 [Jarlaxe]
- Removed unique CID structure in ECC, now implemented UID in autoit variables.
- Updated ECC EMU INI files in "ecc-system\system" these are now exported by EDC.
- Introducing the new EDC module for ECC, with this you can download, install and
configure emulators with a few clicks!
- Project page is on GitHub: ... enter/wiki
- This project had been started in OCT-2016, and with help of 'Shando' we have a lift-off!
- You can help collecting and adding more platforms and emulators, it's all open source!
- You can request specific EDC data export to a file, but you have to work for it ;-)
- ECC Documentation
- Now using GitHub wiki markdown documentation, this way it's maintained better!
- Made a Github wiki markdown to HMTL converter to generate offline documentation!
- ECC Update
- v1.2.0.3
- Removed redundant CID checks.
- v1.2.0.2 (2016.09.15)
- Fixed a bug where eccUpdate! could not find the last update from the server correctly.
- eccThirdPartyConfig
- v1.0.0.3 (2016.09.25)
- Removed Xpadder config.
- eccScriptSystem
- v1.3.0.1 (2016.09.25)
- Removed Xpadder variable, added JoyEmulator variable.
- eccToolVariables
- v1.0.2.0
- Added EDC variables.
- v1.0.1.0
- Added UID string.
- v1.0.0.9 (2016.09.25)
- Removed Xpadder variable, added JoyEmulator variable.
- DatFileUpdater
- v1.3.0.1
- Removed DATE function and string, not used in newer MAME dats anymore
- Fixed NeoGeo driver from 'neodrvr.cpp' to 'neodriv.hxx'
- MobyGamesImporter
- Updated the emuMoviesDownloaderlist from 2012-10-10 to 2016-11-05.
- emuMoviesdownloader
- v1.2.1.3
- Removed redundant CID checks.
- iccImageInject
- v1.1.0.9
- Adjusted CID checks to UID.
- eccDiagnostics
- v1.0.0.4
- Adjusted CID checks to UID.
- Thirdparty updates
- 7-zip v16.02 to v16.04
- Notepad++ v6.9.2 to v7.2.2
- Updated DAT files for:
- CPS-1 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- CPS-2 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- CPS-3 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- MAME : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- MODEL1 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- MODEL2 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- NAOMI : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- NEOGEO : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- PGM : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- S11 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- S16 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- S18 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- S22 : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
- ZINC : v0.178 to v0.180 (mame)
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