ECC SOURCE files released!

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ECC SOURCE files released!

Unread post by Phoenix » 12 Aug 2016, 17:25

Hi All,

Another big and final step to make ECC opensource! changelog update 00618:

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- ECC SOURCE files released!, they include:
  - KODA AutoIt3 GUI's (KXF)
  - Photoshop images (PSD)
  - Fonts (TTF)
  - Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)
  Files are in the 'ecc-source' folder.
- ECC: Adjusted all links to the new ECC homepage:
- ECC startup: Minor GUI adjustement for removed checkbox.
  - Placed Autoit and Xpadder docs in their respective folders now.
  - Updated Autoit3 Documentation.
- ECC 3D Gallery
  - v1.2.0.0
    - Adjusted variable to fetch the proper websitelink from toolvariables.au3
- ECC CreateStartmenuShotcuts
  - v1.0.0.4
    - Now fetching website link from toolvariables.au3
- ECC Update
  - v1.2.0.1
    - Now fetching website link from toolvariables.au3
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