ECC v1.152 released!

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ECC v1.152 released!

Unread post by Phoenix » 12 Apr 2014, 12:28

This version v1.152 has been released due to eccUpdate/Autoit/7Zip troubles with some updates, so i've "re-packed" ECC with all the latest updates! (000588 - 00596)

Download @



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ECC Changelog v1.151 to v1.152

- Added new platform: Nintendo Wii U
- Removed platform Sharp MZ-700, it was double, the platform
  has been merged with MZ-1500/MZ-700 a time ago!
- Renamed platforms:
  - Nintendo Gamecube to: Nintendo GameCube
  - Sega Megadrive to: Sega Mega Drive
  - Philips CDI to: Philips CD-i
  - Nintendo GameBoy to: Nintendo Game Boy
  - Nintendo GameBoy Advance to: Nintendo Game Boy Advance
  - Nintendo GameBoy Color to: Nintendo Game Boy Color
- Script update for platform: Texas Instruments Ti99
  - Added script for emulator: classic99 3.x.x
- Added filextensions:
  - Platform TI99: C, G, D, and BIN
- eccDatFileUpdater
  v1.2.5.9 (2014.03.29)
  - Fixed a bug where the 7Z backup was not created.
  - Fixed a bug calling eccToolsVariables script
- ECC ScriptSystem
  v1.2.1.6 (2014.03.29)
  - Fixed a bug in the Daemon Tools algoritm
- ImagePackCenter (IPC)
  - Combined all global variables in the script eccToolVariables
- eccToolVariables
  - Updated variables in eccToolVariables
- ECC Startup
  - Added code to install a "SIDE" update with 7zip, for example to update Autoit wich
    eccUpdate cannot do, because of "file in use" while running the script.
  - Compiled with new Autoit v3.3.10.2, may return a false positive in some virusscanners!
- eccUpdate
  - v1.0.0.8
    - Fixed a issue where executable files where not found due to wrong path.
  - v1.0.0.7
    - Improves code for deleting files and/or folders by setting attributes to write.
    - Added new function to force eccUpdate to close.
- ECC Startup
  v2.4.1.1 (2014.04.11)
  - Fixed a bug where ecc could not detect the proper windows version to set
    compatibility for xpadder, now it will always write the REG key.
- 3rd party tool updates
  - Autoit v3.3.10.2
  - Notepad++ v6.5.5
  - 7zip v9.32 alpha
- Updated DAT files for:
CPS-1  : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
CPS-2  : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
CPS-3  : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
MAME   : v0.152 to v0.153
MODEL1 : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
MODEL2 : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
NAOMI  : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
NEOGEO : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
PGM    : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
S11    : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
S16    : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
S18    : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
S22    : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
ZINC   : v0.152 to v0.153 (mame)
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