*** NEW RELEASE: ECC v1.15 ***

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*** NEW RELEASE: ECC v1.15 ***

Unread post by Phoenix » 08 Dec 2013, 22:52

New version of ECC available, this release includes all eccUpdates 00563 - 00585 !!!
Download: http://ecc.phoenixinteractive.nl


Have fun! :swinging:
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Ps. please translate ECC v1.15 language files for your country, and post them on the forum so i can update these!


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ECC version 1.15 (2013.12.08)

- Added new platforms:
  - Microsoft X-Box One
  - Nintendo 3DS
  - Sony Playstation 4
  - Sony Playstation Vita
- MobyGames Importer (MGI)
  - Grab developer/publisher/year and description of your roms from MobyGames.com
  - You can do this Platform based (batch-auto) or Rom based (auto or manual).
  - NOTE: Fetching description data isn't flawless, and may contain some
    unwanted strings!
- Added thirdparty software: HEX Editor (HxD v1.7.7.0)
- Added Top-menu option to start notepad++ (tools)
- Added Top-menu option to start a HEX editor (tools)
- New startup sound (old one is still preserved)
- Replaced some files to do a bit of code cleanup!
- Fixed EmuMovies content download for Playstation 1
- Fixed possible startup problems on systems with other language charset
  who has strange characters in the ECC path.
- Fixed a bug in the "use cue system" if there are more "." (dots) in the filename.
- Fixed the Link to the online documentation due to emuControlCenter CMS website.
- Updated ES language and FR INI language files.
- Updated PT language to v1.14.
- Script updates
  - Platform DosBox v1.0.0.4
    - Added new hotkey: SHIFT+C to configure your DOS game (setup.exe, etc.)
    - Fixed problems when there are spaces in the path/folder names
  - Platform: Amiga
    - Winaue v1.0.0.9b
      - Added GetGemusConfig v1.4 RELOADED permanently! (Phoenix)
       - GAMEBASE/GEMUS ADD-ON v1.0.0.4
         - Changed tray messages to "center" Tooltips.
    - Winaue v1.0.0.9
      - Fixed crash if there are too many config lines available.
- ECC url updates
  - Website
    - www.camya.com/ecc is now ecc.phoenixinteractive.nl
  - Forum
    - ecc.phoenixinteractive.nl is now eccforum.phoenixinteractive.nl

- MobyGames Importer (MGI)
  - v1.0.0.1 (2013.11.09)
    - Added better support to fetch the 4-digit release year if there is a month added.
    - Fixed "Fixed RomName" where there is () and [] in the filename.
  - v1.0.0.0 (2013.10.30)
    - Initial release!
- ECC Startup
  - v2.4.0.2 (2013.11.28)
    - Fixed a bug where language settings for ecc startup aren't loaded properly.
  - v2.4.0.1 (2012.12.31)
    - Fixed a problem where the ECC version isn't generated at first startup.
    - Adjusted file info's/details in ECC executable properties.
- eccScriptSystem
  - v1.2.1.2 (2013.10.04)
    - Fixed bugs where Amiga script variables are not declared, these where returning an error.
  - v1.2.1.1 (2013.02.06)
    - Fixed a bug where amiga settings are stored in the wrong folder.
- ImagePackCenter
  - v2.2.0.9 (2013.02.19)
    - Fixed a imagepack export bug in "name" style filenames (like emumovies)
      with games that have a "." (dot) in their file name, the exported filenames
      should be ok now.
- emuMoviesDownloader
  - v1.2.1.0 (2013.12.01)
    - Fixed "MAME Artwork" downloads, these download seems to be ZIP files now, so by
      adding a unpack feature for ZIP files these images are now extracted from the
      achives and given the proper name!
    - Added check if 7Zip is working (due to "MAME Artwork" ZIP downloads)
    - Added check if media is writable.
  - Fixed a bug for the "Game Boy" platform when downloading resources from emuMovies
    The platform was not good detected due to a wrong double string in the EMD list.
  - v1.2.0.6 (2013.11.17)
    - Improved search query's by removing "trash" in the search result
  - v1.2.0.5 (2013.10.04)
    - Redesigned the EMD GUI, textbox has been made bigger!
    - Fixed bug where EMD did not close after server error message.
    - Fixed url in the EMD banner on the login menu to go their website.
- eccUpdate
  - v1.0.0.5 (2013.11.30)
    - Made some change in the GUI notification screen, now the update info is displayed
      first before the download starts, also made some other textual improvementents
    - Added new feature to skip (big) update if there is a better update available
      down the line, like MAME datfile updates, this save bandwith for both party's!
- Updated thirdparty tools
  - Notepad++ v6.5
  - 7-Zip v9.30

- Updated DAT files for:
  - CPS-1  : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - CPS-2  : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - CPS-3  : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - MAME   : v0.150 to v0.151
  - MODEL1 : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - MODEL2 : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - NAOMI  : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - NEOGEO : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - PGM    : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - S11    : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - S16    : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - S18    : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - S22    : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - ZINC   : v0.150 to v0.151 (mame)
  - SVM    : v0.99.1.8 (2013-10-03)
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