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Quiet year for ECC till AUG/SEP

Posted: 25 Apr 2013, 22:29
by Phoenix
Hi All,

It seems this is going to be a quiet year for ECC at least till AUG/SEP 2013, i'm busy with lot's of thing, private, work, hobby's, etc..., so i have to make time for ECC wich i actually don't have at this moment, i am sorry!

But ECC will never die, and as long as possible the ECC server will always be up!, and i will always be here and check the forums, so don't worry!

If you find bugs, have language packs or solutions, ideas, please keep posting these!, i will have a look at them!, and if nessesary i can make time lateron...

What do i do this year?
- In AUG/SEP start to actually write EDC!
- Adding loads of images to ICC!

Stay tuned!

Re: Quiet year for ECC till AUG/SEP

Posted: 26 Apr 2013, 20:11
by Vicman
It's nice to hear that ECC will never die !
'cause eCC 1+2 are still my favorite Frontends.

Also, i'm still working on Imagepack-Updates for the VIC20.
more in a few weeks/months ;-)

@Micha :
Would be nice to have a working VIC20 -Script for the latest eCC2-Version (key-value feature)