*** NEW RELEASE: ECC v1.13 ***

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*** NEW RELEASE: ECC v1.13 ***

Unread post by Phoenix » 01 Sep 2012, 19:16

New version of ECC available, also include all Live! updates 00512 - 00537 !!!
Download: http://www.camya.com/ecc


Have fun! :swinging:

Ps. please translate ECC v1.13 language files for your country, and post them on the forum so i can update these!


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Version 1.13 (2012.09.01)

- Fixed some problems using CTRL+F (Toggle Fullscreen)
  You can now undo fullscreen with the same keypresses.
  F9, F10 and F11 will not undo the fullscreen mode anymore.
- Fixed Importing RomCenter DATfiles v2.00/v2.50 when header could be invalid
  ECC is now checking 'other' header parts to confirm proper RomCenter DAT file.
- Fixed DAT importing progressbar counter and 'hanging' on 99%, it wil now
  properly show the count when finished importing.
- Fixed ROM searching on web from filemenu, now working properly again with new google command.
- Fixed typo's (CTRL Mame > CLR Mame, *.ecc > *.eccDat) in all languages
- Fixed some Russian translation files (some where portuguese :S)
- Added FSUM fileparser, this parser will always use fsum to parse big files like
  CD/DVD for a platform, this prevent a chance that ECC will crash using the
  'generic parser' (based on idea of Zaxth (ecc forum member))
  - Platforms id's with the new parser:
    3do, amigacd32, cdi, cdtv, dc, fmtowns, gc, jagcd, ngcd, pcecd, ps1, ps2, ps3
    psp, sat, smcd, wii, xbox, xbox360.
- Added 4 new genres:
  - Adventure - Visual Novel
  - Adventure - Tactical RPG
  - Adventure - Survival
  - Shoot'em Up - Survival
- Added new icons and rearranged the platform and rom context menu's.
- Rearranged platform context menu for image(packs) options.
- ECC can now also import/show/handle BMP & ICO files for the rom images.
- Added RAR support for ECC, you can now also parse RAR files! (not for multirom platforms like mame)
- Disabled/Removed ROMdb functions from main ECC GUI and filemenu's.
- Disabled/Removed an old function from the platform menu to convert images from the old ECC structure.
- Removed ECC ROMdb import feature from the platform menu.
- New Feature: Added thumnailsetting 180x120 and 300x200 for ROM detailview.
- Updated EN, ES, NL, DE, FR, HU translations to v1.12
- Added platform: Pinball - Future Pinball (eccid: fp)
- Updated the readme.txt & ECC factsheet.
- Updated the DOSBOX parser, now excluding 'trash' files to maintain a better and correct CRC32.
  NOTE: The CRC32 for this platform will be / are changed after this update!

- Tool/Script updates
  - ECC Startup
    v2.4.0.0 (2012.08.20)
    - Removed first startup messageboxes and replaced them with a brand new GUI.
    v2.3.4.8 (2012.08.11)
    - Adjusted to use eccUpdate instead of ECC Live! when checking for updates.

  - eccUpdate
    v1.0.0.4 (2012.08.31)
    - Fixed to write 'update increase' and delete TEMP files after ForceReload function.
    - Fixed preventing double running of eccUpdate.
    v1.0.0.3 (2012.08.28)
    - Added feature to also remove folders from the ecc structure.
    - Added feature to restart ECC after updating even if "ForceReload" is used to reload eccUpdate.
    - Fixed ECC closing before update may not work in some cases.
    v1.0.0.2 (2012.08.26)
    - Fixed scrolling to last line in the textbox, this works better now.
    - Added new feature to force reload of eccUpdate, in case if there are new
      instructions wich the old eccUpdate cannot handle.
    v1.0.0.1 (2012.08.22)
    - Fixed linefeed in log when there are no updates available.
    - Fixed some typo's.
    - Fixed "double" logging and checking.
    v1.0.0.0 (2012.08.11)
    - Replaces ECC Live! wich was programmed in VB6, this is a ported version in Autoit3.

  - ImagePackCenter
    v2.2.0.0 (2012.08.28)
    - Added new feature to compress the images after export with 7ZIP, also added
      a feature to add the volume size of the compressed archives (if you need to
      upload to filesharing website)
    v2.1.0.5 (2012.08.25)
    - Fixed a bug causing IPC to crash when exporting ECC style.
    - Added new feature: Removing uncessary metadata (junk) like EXIF, IPTC
      and comments out of the imagefile.
      This method could save loads of unessesary MB's for the imagepacks and
      slink it nicely without loss of imagequality!, this does NOT affect your
      original imagefiles!
    - Added new thirdparty tool: Stripper.exe (www.steelbytes.com)
    v2.1.0.1 (2012.08.15)
    - Fixed typo "EmuCenter" to "Romcenter"
    v2.1.0.0 (2012.07.09)
    - Renamed eccImagePackCreator to eccImagePackCenter
    - Fixed bug in the progresslabel
    - Made some GUI adjustments and text fixes
    - Included a brand new Importer!, with this you can also IMPORT imagefiles
      into ECC! based on CRC32 (No-Intro) or NAMED (Using DAT)
    v2.0.0.5 (2012.07.08)
    - Fixed a Bug where IPC freezes when creating an imagepack.
    - Added an error handler if a file could not be copied to destination.
    - Made some GUI text adjustments.
    v2.0.0.0 (2012.07.07)
    - Total overhaul of IPC, including a brand new GUI system. You can now
      export ECC images to various imagepackcollegues like No-Intro or EmuMovies.
      You can define lots of variables to even meet your custom needs!
    - Removed the 'create imagepack' option from the TOP menu and included
      this in the platform rightclick-menu.
    v1.2.1.2 (2012.07.04)
    - Changed filename for 7zip usage due to 7zip update.

  - 3D Gallery
    v1.1.0.4 (2012.07.06)
    - Fixed broken view on startup wich sometimes occured.
    v1.1.0.3 (2012.07.04)
    - Added new gallery: flshowcarouselblack (http://www.flshow.net)
    - Added missing preview image for gallery 'tiltviewer'.

    - Resized all preview images to fit better in the gallery configuration GUI (smoother)

  - ICC ImageInject
    v1.1.0.6 (2012.07.04)
    - Fixed issue with downloading images, due to other slashes / (instead of \)
    v1.1.0.5 (2012.06.27)
    - Now uses proper ECC User folder, wich is configured in ECC.

  - DatFileUpdater
    v1.2.5.7 (2012.07.04)
    - Changed filename for 7zip usage due to 7zip update.

  - eccThirdPartyConfig
    v1.0.0.1 (2012.07.04)
    - Fixed a bug where the usersetting was't saved properly, causing ThirdPartyConfig not to work as it should.

  - eccCreateStartmenuShotcuts
    v1.0.0.2 (2012.08.11)
    - Adjusted creating of shortcuts to use eccUpdate instead of ECC Live! 

  - eccScriptSystem
    v1.2.0.7 (2012.09.01)
    - Fixed selecting executable for Deamon tools.
    v1.2.0.6 (2012.07.04)
    - Changed filename for 7zip usage due to 7zip update.

  - Updated 7zip to v9.28a
i've made a new facebook ECC v1.13 icon, can you use this on facebook please?
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