*** NEW RELEASE: ECC v1.12 ***

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*** NEW RELEASE: ECC v1.12 ***

Unread post by Phoenix » 19 Jun 2012, 22:05

New version of ECC available, also include all Live! updates 00482 - 00511 !!!
Download: http://www.camya.com/ecc


Have fun! :swinging:

Ps. please translate ECC v1.12 language files for your country, and post them on the forum so i can update these!


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Version 1.12 (2012.06.19)

- Fixed an issue in the imageview tab, the text underneath the image is now properly centered.
- Fixed ROM cellid & rating image height settings are now properly set to user configuration settings.
- Fixed Texas Ti99 importing extensions ticart, tidisk and titape are now working.
- Fixed the message on 'ECC startup error' is now referring to eccDiagnostics.bat instead of eccBugreport.exe.
- Fixed imagelist reloading after importing images from internet.
- Fixed a problem of executing some TOP menu commands when there are no ROMS in the database.
- Fixed a translation error in 'eccGuiPopConfig.php' (emuPlatformActiveState)
- Added thumnailsetting 360x240 (Removed 30x20 and 60x40 settings).
- Added ROM catagory underneath the name in the imageviewtab.
- Added 7 new GTK themes: BlueHeart, Boxx, Foresight, Outcrop, Pharago, Polycarbonate, VistaGray.
- New feature: Create startmenu shortcuts
- New Feature: 3D Gallery(s) for viewing your ROM images!
- New Feature: Kameleon Code system with this 'code' system you can make usage of ECC online services
  (like ICC and later on EDC). Only registered forum members can access the code!
- New Feature: ImageInject, this replaces the 'build in' image downloader of ECC, improvements are:
  - This way i hope to reduce the serverload and stimulate people to become ECC forum members.
  - You can see what you are downloading, and if ICC is active or not.
  - Messageboxes give you information if your download is succesfull etc.
  - Uses Kameleon Code system to get data from the internet!
- Updated ECC GUI links to webpages (due to server path changes).
- Updated Xpadder language files to v5.3:
  - German, Italian, New Polish, Portuguese(Brazilian), Russian, Spanish(Traditional)
- Updated ES and NL translations to v1.11
- KODA (autoit3 GUI editor) will now be handled as "addon", made for installer purposes.
- Adjusted DEV tools for new ECC script adressing (without BAT file)
- ECC tooltip's for topmenu can now be translated.
- Added more ECC topmenu tooltips for the menu's.
- Main GUI changes:
  - Removed ECCDB top menu option, the service is no longer available/online!
  - Changed some icons in the TOP menu to fit better with discription.
  - Updated the ECC 'about' box and 'credits' textbox.

- Tool/Script updates
  - ECC startup
    v2.3.4.7 (2012.06.17)
    - Changed bugreport settings due to new server software installation.
    v2.3.4.6 (2012.05.13)
    - Outsourced 3rdparty config from ECC.EXE (ecc-core\tools\eccThirdPartyConfig.au3).
    - Now also configuring KODA language to selected ECC language (when found).
    v2.3.4.5 (2012.05.05)
    - Added feature on first time startup to select creating startmenu shortcuts or not.
    v2.3.4.4 (2012.03.20)
    - Fixed ECC loading (ajax loader), AVI working again, this was broken due to Autoit3 update.
    v2.3.4.3 (2012.02.16)
    - Fixed an issue where ECC would not give proper information when '/getdriveinfo' is used.

  - eccDiagnostics 
    v1.0.0.1 (2012.05.06)
    - Fixed messagebox titles, now all consistend en right!
    - Improved ECC path fetching.
    - Adjusted for new ECC script adressing (without BAT file)
    v1.0.0.0 (2012.02.16)
    - Replaced the icon with the proper one (red).

  - ECC 3d Gallery
    v1.1.0.2 (2012.05.06)
    - Improved ECC path fetching.
    - Adjusted for new ECC script adressing (without BAT file)
    v1.1.0.1 (2012.05.05)
    - Added window border to the GUI
    - Updated ICON for Kameleon Code
    v1.1.0.0 (2012.04.26)
    - Added configuration screen (GUI).
    - 5 new gallery's added:
      - postcardviewer (http://www.simpleviewer.net/products)
      - simpleviewer (http://www.simpleviewer.net/products)
      - 3dtouchring (http://www.flashmo.com)
      - 3dcurvegallery (http://www.flashmo.com)
      - polaroid gallery (http://www.no3dfx.com/polaroid)
    - Added 3D Gallery icon to the titlebar/taskbar.
    - Added several error handlers.
    - Fixed proper file loading (only images)

  - ICC ImageInject
    v1.1.0.3 (2012.06.17)
    - Added error handler if server is offline.
    - Added error handler if download was wrong due to server php error.
    v1.1.0.2 (2012.06.03)
    - Fixed: The label of the type of file that is downloading has been restored.
    - Added: Counter for Total platform images bar.
    - Some cosmetic improvements in the GUI.
    v1.1.0.1 (2012.06.02)
    - Fixed: Total platform images bar for downloading single rom images
    - Improved: Total images platformbar to be much smoother (not 16 steps) by counting the ROMS in the ECC DB.
    - Some cosmetic improvements in the GUI.
    v1.1.0.0 (2012.06.02)
    - New feature: Download all images for imported ECC roms.
    - Can download all images for imported ECC roms.
    - GUI improvements: ECCID and CRC32 are shown.
    v1.0.0.2 (2012.05.06)
    - Fixed a bug on deleting file when user pressed 'cancel'.
    - Improved ECC path fetching.
    - Adjusted for new ECC script adressing (without BAT file)
    v1.0.0.1 (2012.05.05)
    - Improved code of the images.ini download, now this is only done once.
    - Added number of downloaded images to the final tooltip.

  - gtkThemeSelect
    v1.0.0.1 (2012.05.06)
    - Improved ECC path fetching.
    - Adjusted for new ECC script adressing (without BAT file)

  - eccDatFileUpdater
    v1.2.5.6 (2012.05.06)
    - Improved ECC path fetching.
    - Adjusted for new ECC script adressing (without BAT file)

  - eccImagePackCreator
    v1.2.1.1 (2012.05.06)
    - Fixed readme.txt include, this was not included in every generated 7z archive.
    - Removed messagebox when user pressed 'cancel'.
    - Improved ECC path fetching.
    - Adjusted for new ECC script adressing (without BAT file)

  - eccCreateStartmenuShotcuts
    v1.0.0.1 (2012.05.06)
    - Improved ECC path fetching.

  - Updated: Datutil v2.46 to v2.46bh to work for Mame DAT v0.146+
  - Updated: Notepad++ to v6.1.3
  - Added: sqlite v2.8.17 (commandline)

- Updated DAT files for:
  - CPS-1  : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - CPS-2  : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - CPS-3  : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - MAME   : v0.145 to v0.146
  - MODEL1 : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - MODEL2 : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - NAOMI  : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - NEOGEO : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - PGM    : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - S11    : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - S16    : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - S18    : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - S22    : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
  - ZINC   : v0.145 to v0.146 (mame)
i've made a new facebook ECC v1.12 icon, can you use this on facebook please?
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Re: *** NEW RELEASE: ECC v1.12 ***

Unread post by Cyrille » 31 Aug 2012, 00:25

Thank you Phoenix!

Done! :)


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